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Linux.. I'm back baby!

07 October, 2020 - 2 min read

It's been a few weeks since my last post. I've decided to switch over to Linux as my primary OS. I've still got access to Windows 10 for playing AAA games. But Linux is where I'll be spending most of my time from now on.

It's still early days but I'm excited to be back on an OS that I can customise and tweak to my heart's content. Without me having to bend around it. There is a reason why they call it 'Software' after all.

I find when I'm on linux I can customise my desktop to be exactly how I want it. I tend to make more scripts and automations too. It's great. Tonight I'm writing this on my laptop after figuring out how to sync my dotfiles from my work pc. It just makes me happy.

Next up I'll be building out my .vimrc and (in time) replace VS Code with vim. I've found some interesting examples online where you can toggle between using it as a code IDE to a very minimal markdown editor (where I write these blog posts). So while that may bore others to tears, that's the sort of thing that gets me super excited. I can't wait.

I find I'm a better programmer when I'm working in vim too. I know this shouldn't be the case, but it is. I don't know why.

Even posting this via a script is going to be interesting and fun, I'm looking forward to seeing how it works. (Spoiler: if you're reading this it worked!)

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