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Best Trello layout for new projects - I've found it!

25 August, 2020 - 1 min read

After years I've finally found the best layout for Trello when it comes to creating projects.

The typical layout is a variant of: | Todo | Doing | Done

This approach sees you dragging tasks across the board as they migrate through stages of completeness.

What I dislike about this approach when managing a project:

  • Too many cards build up in any single column
  • The 'Done' column fills up and becomes huge with (relatively) useless cards
  • If you're using Trello to record any thoughts or websites for the project in different lists it gets messy with the progress boards.
  • This leads to a super busy looking Trello board and I would fall to victim to overwhelm.

The solution:

  1. Put all actionable tasks in the far left column.
  2. Create cards only for large milestones and give each milestone card a description & checklist for actionable items relevant to that milestone.

Then the rest of the board can be filled up with lists of resources, ideas etc without overwhelming the user.

So it looks more like this:

| Milestones | Feedback | Bugs |

It's amazing.

That is all.

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