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Cleaning up this blog

27 July, 2020 - 1 min read

It's dawning on me. That while I enjoy writing here. There is a lot I could do to spruce the place up.

If you're reading this in July of 2020, lets be honest (you very likely are not) I'm sorry.

I'm not structuring this blog to be read by anyone. I'm not promoting or even tweeting about my posts. My url's are numbers (this is darreninglis.com/blog/27) - not exactly SEO friendly.

The current structure prevents you (the imaginary future reader) from clicking through each blog post. You need to go back to the main menu and click into another post from there... that's way too much effort.

I need to be better, you deserve better

I should have at least one image or gif per blog post too - who doesn't like pretty pictures?

I need to spruce up this theme, tart up my previous posts and give future readers the ability to join my mailing list.

Not because I want a mailing list. Because if you're interested enough to be reading my musings then I should make the effort to make it easy for you.

More to come...

Please sir, can I have some more?Digital Voodoo