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Cuddly Covid

23 July, 2020 - 1 min read

It's fair to say that during this (Covid-19 pandemic) the variety I was getting in my life from traveling and meeting new people has greatly diminished.

While working from home with little social contact. One of the few ways I've managed to get a bit of variety or 'adventure' into my day has been via food.

All of my culinary adventures are starting to add up faster than my high school maths teacher. The time has come to trim up!

The method?

Intermittent fasting - that is, I intend to consume nothing but black coffee and water until dinner time. At which point I'll break my fast with a healthy evening meal. During a 1 hour eating window.

Last time I did this it took my body a few days to get used to the new routine but the weight melted off. Combined with some daily walking and light body weight exercises I'll be back in shape in no time.

More to come...

Please sir, can I have some more?21 days