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Fast & Slow

12 July, 2020 - 1 min read

This morning I was walking by the lake. It was overcast with dark clouds above but everything was still. Peaceful.

It occurred to me that a big part of life is knowing when to be fast and when to slow down.

Have the presence of mind to peacefully think through your approach.

Then use speed to your advantage when it comes to actually getting the task done.

This is especially true when developing software. But it applies to other aspects of life.

Learn to slow down when it counts:

  • Don't rush that meditation - slow down and enjoy it
  • Don't rush through that book - take the time to absorb the message
  • Don't rush a conversation with your partner - take the time to hear them out.

When to use speed to your advantage:

  • Hiit training
  • Code, design, hustle and write in short focused sprints
  • Ask good questions and speedily research the answers
  • Challenge yourself to do chores as fast as possible

If you do it right, not only will life be more enjoyable but you'll get more done - it's win win.

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