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Game Engine Thoughts

03 September, 2020 - 1 min read

I'm tempted by the idea of building my own game engine in something like c++ but it's a romantic notion that I'm in no way ready for.

Every practical bone in my body knows the correct thing for me to do is to focus on the games and not the engine.

Something like Unity is super powerful for my needs and can release games onto any platform from mobile to PC's.

Why would I limit myself (and blow out production time) by creating my own engine? It's madness (but on some level appealing).

The idea of having everything sitting in code (and not some editor that keeps changing and charging licensing fees etc) is appealing.

I also suspect that if I took the time to learn what's involved on that level that I would become a better programmer in general.

I think one day I would like to build a game in c++ as a fun hobby project - but likely not for my dream game.

More to come...

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