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I need to get better at story telling

03 August, 2020 - 1 min read

We are hard wired to consume, remember and share stories. We've been doing it as a species for millennia. It's how we share our knowledge amongst each other and pass information down from one generation to the next.

Given our ability quickly consume information presented as stories and relay it... it's surprising that we don't see more of them in modern social media. It's all click bait titles and memes.

The news is all transactional and fleeting. There is no long term benefit to consuming the daily news. It's all drama and hype without the lessons.

Seems like a good way to sell advertising but a missed opportunity to make people better each day.

I understand that a story can take longer to craft but I think there is something to this.

Either way, I need to learn how to tell stories. My blog posts to date are more of a stream of consciousness or capturing a thought I've had. All would benefit from a small story to better illustrate my ramblings.

It's a skill that I'm looking forward to learning.

More to come...

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