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JavaScript All The Things

13 September, 2020 - 2 min read

I've made the conscious decision that I'm going to double down on all things JavaScript.

In recent weeks I've been playing around with Unity3D as I prototype game ideas. It's come a long way since I last used it. But I look to video's of guys making their own game engines in c/c++ without the big fancy Unity package and I'm slightly envious.

I love that all of their work is in the code and not toggling switches in a UI somewhere. But the practicality of me attempting to learn a lower level language isn't great.

That's when I discovered that I could more or less make my own 2D game engine in pure JavaScript. This approach is very interesting to me.

It'll be more difficult to produce the games to start with but once I'm comfortable with the engine my speed will increase. Not only that but it will greatly improve my working knowledge of JavaScript which will compound and benefit my day job as well. So it's win-win.

If I'm tempted to make a 3D game then I'll look to use Three.js. I've found a course that combines Three.js, Cannon.js and Sockets.io to make a realtime multiplayer game complete with chat.

Which is pretty exciting too. I love the idea of making a MMORPG in pure JavaScript and completely side stepping any app stores and their red tape & fees.

Building on the open web is exciting and freeing.

More to come...

Please sir, can I have some more?Study Slow. Work Fast.