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Long term plans

28 July, 2020 - 3 min read

Long term thinking (today). What am I doing with my life? At the moment I've just completed my first year as a professional software developer. When I decided I wanted to do it full time. I dropped everything, studied my arse off and I had a couple of job offers within 3 months. It was amazing.

Getting a job at a cool company wasn't my final goal though, merely the first step in a long term plan.

My next goal is to create a profitable SaaS business. I learn a lot at work and have lots of fun with my work mates. But working on an enterprise product, I have to 'colour within the lines' when it comes to design and code.

Which is totally fine and to be expected. However creating my own SaaS, with my own design is very appealing to me. Beyond creating my own SaaS, I've always dreamed of creating my own indie game as well.

I've started a few titles but they've never gone anywhere because I couldn't dedicate the time required to get them off the ground. Before long, I would have to return to 'real dev work' to pay the bills.

Maybe I'm naive but owning a SaaS business seems like a viable way to keep income flowing in while freeing up my time to work on my dream indie game.

Hence my 3 step plan:

Get a good dev job ✅

Create my own SaaS app ☑️

Create my own indie game ☑️

The trick is, now that I have a good job. I can't just drop everything for 3 months and get the SaaS off the ground. I need to take a different approach.

I'm optimistic by nature but experience has taught me to slow down and be honest with myself. And when I'm honest with myself, I can admit that I don't have all the skills needed to accomplish my goals just yet. So....

(I hate myself for writing this) - what if I attempt to chip away at multiple projects everyday, all at once? Ie the complete opposite of focus. Do exactly what I would advise others not to do...

What would that look like? Each day I would be committing to completing all of the below:

Write this blog post

Work on my SaaS project

(My day job)

Complete a small piece of pixel art



This might be a horrible idea but I'm tempted to trial it and see how I feel in a month's time.

I get the feeling there isn't going to be any middle ground, this is either going to make a huge impact on my output and I live happily ever after or I'll burn out and die.

I'll start today and see how I go.

More to come...

Please sir, can I have some more?Yeah but what do I know?