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Lots to learn

03 July, 2020 - 1 min read

I’ve just read up on an amazing launch another IndieHacker did over the last week.

He made a simple headline generating tool (headlime.io) and then launched it with lifetime memberships for $49 and made $16k in a couple of days post launch... 😱

I’ve bookmarked his write up post on how he did it, it was very impressive. Very similar to my thoughts around ‘Sniping’. All of the prep work is done before hand and then once you take your shot all the work is already done with building the product, reaching out to FB groups etc etc. On launch day you’re pulling the trigger and realising the results from whatever work you’ve already put it.

The other amazing strategy seems to be putting all of your sales copy in a tweet thread and then putting the link to your landing page at the bottom in the last tweet.

It’s amazing and seems like it can get you a lot of impressions with this strategy.

I wonder if Twitter rewards the engagement of multiple people on the thread?

Lots to learn for when I finally get to build out something worth launching!

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