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Minimal Design

11 July, 2020 - 2 min read

I really like minimal design. I don't like clutter and noise especially when it comes to software and technology.

There is a beauty in simplicity that I'm drawn to.

I've minimised my VS Code settings over time. Replacing the default (busy) layout with a beautiful clean slate that I find peaceful and productive to code in.

Not only does it look and feel better to code in. It reduces the amount of information my brain has to process. This allows me to code for longer with less effort.

For my writing I use iA Writer - a very powerful and beautifully minimal markdown editor. The app gets out of my way and provides a distraction free canvas that I really enjoy writing on.

My dream car at the moment is the Tesla Model 3. I think a large part of the desire I have for that car is due to the minimal dashboard layout. It's beautiful.

I recently came across the Superhuman email app, toted as a fast and minimally designed email client. Even though gmail is 100% free. People are on a waiting list to pay a monthly subscription for a better email client to interact with.

I'm also seeing a lot of Visualise Value's tweets lately. The ability of the maker to communicate a lot of meaning with two colors and geometric shapes is incredible.

I'm beginning to think that my next project will be a cleaned up, re imagining of an existing popular product. This approach will have a number of benefits:

  1. The product has an existing audience
  2. People happily pay premiums for better experiences

If you're reading this in 2020 you'll be able to see for yourself that my current website has a minimal design but it's far from beautiful for that I'm going to have to learn some more about modern design.

I think I've hit on something here. For a while now, I've wanted to create a digital product online. But I haven't found my voice or my brand or what my 'North Star' is. If that makes sense?

Maybe providing digital minimalism for existing products is the way to go?

I need to brush up on my design skills....

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