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My best work is ahead of me

07 July, 2020 - 2 min read

When I was younger I created the iLID iPhone Wallet,
We ran a successful kickstarter campaign, raised $250k investment and sold a lot of units over the following years. With big names like Apple and Walmart knocking on our doors for stock.

At the time I wasn't even 25 yet and we were selling 100,000's of units and I thought I was never going to need to work again.

Much like when you ride your bike down a steep hill, things started to speed up. We got speed wobbles, and crashed the business.

Fast forward a couple of years later (I am working again) this time as a Senior Developer. It's a great job, with good people and interesting work but the highs and lows don't come close to what I experienced running iLID.

I miss that feeling.
This time I'm going to build my business differently. A lot of things have changed since then. I'm more mature, patient (and I can code).

So I'm turning my sights towards a little thing called 'the internet' - mankind's greatest invention. I'd like to leave my mark on it, hopefully a profitable one.

I've had a few ideas swirling around my head lately, some have made their way into my iPhone. Others, lost forever when the topic of conversation turned.

Usually the good ones find their way back where they'll get captured as ugly sketches in my notebook.

The truely special ideas get brought to life, it's not easy. There are lots of pitfalls. And to throw another cliche at you, the road is long and winding - but entirely worth walking.

I just hope I have the energy and good fortune to pull off another adventure, and this time have it last a little longer.

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