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Pulling the trigger

29 July, 2020 - 1 min read

This morning I officially started work on MeetingTrain.rocks - my first attempt at a SaaS product.

I've got a landing page up while I work on the MVP.

MeetingTrain - Keep your meetings on track and on time. (Hows that for a tagline?)

It's an idea that I had back in October of last year but put on the back burner as I got busier with work and life. The MVP will provide someone who is leading a meeting the ability to display three things on their screen:

The meeting title - letting everyone know why they're there in the first place

A checklist for topics of discussion - think of this as a to do list.

A visual representation of the time scheduled for the meeting.

The goal is to increase the quality of meetings while reducing topic drift and duration.

It's opinionated but I can see the potential, especially as more and more meetings are moving online.

I'm hoping to finish the build by the end of the week so I can do a soft launch next week.

More to come...

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