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Side project dilemma

16 July, 2020 - 2 min read

I want to build a side project that I can be proud of. I've enacted an 'Information diet' by reducing distractions from my digital life were possible. Namely I've deleted Twitter, Instagram and Reddit off my phone and I avoid as much 'News' as possible. The signal to noise ratio is out of balance, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. Having received very little (if any) value for the exchange of information.

So removing the noise has been good for me. I feel like I've created more space in my life.

The challenge I'm now facing, given all of this extra head space. Is what do I want to build with it?

I have a couple of 'ok' ideas but nothing that really gets me excited enough to commit to building over the long term.

While I was out on a walk this morning I had a vague memory from a podcast I'd listened to a couple of years back. It was a quote that stuck with me, something about 'The canvas influences the painting'.

The thought occurred to me, maybe instead of agonising about what to start building... Maybe I should build out my 'canvas' while I'm waiting for inspiration to strike with the 'painting'.

What is my canvas? Well, let's describe it in broad terms:

  • Serverless Firebase SaaS Application
  • Stripe subscription payments
  • Minimal CSS design and font choice - possibly using Tailwind CSS
  • Landing page
  • App page with login & signup pages

This approach would see me getting practical hands on experience with the tech stack. With a bit of luck I'll have come up with a fresh new idea during the build that I can implement into this template.

More to come.

Please sir, can I have some more?Tailwind CSS