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Tailwind CSS

14 July, 2020 - 1 min read

Over the weekend I decided to re visit TailwindCSS. After a quick trial when it first came out there was something about it that put me off. I think it was having to set up CSS post processing for a simple (non React) frontend.

Anyway, more and more of my frontend UI work is coded with React at the moment so I decided to give it another shot - and I'm glad I did!

I'd like to do do a full write up but I'm running short on time today so I just wanted to mention it quickly.

I'm really looking forward to creating my own CSS theme built on Tailwind. That I can take with me from site to site like a personal brand of sorts.

I plan to redesign this blog to use the same css as my future web projects so they all share the same core css source file hosted on a CDN somewhere. If I make improvements to one element it will automatically be present in the rest of my sites and projects.

This really appeals to me as a maker 🙂

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