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Testing Vs Thinking

01 September, 2020 - 1 min read

I need to bias myself towards testing instead of thinking.

Testing leads to action. You do the thing, and you know what the results are.

Thinking (speculating) leads to inaction. You sit around and play one idea off another without really knowing what the outcome is. You're guessing.

This is something I really need to embrace, testing removes many unknowns and leaves you with real world results that you can reason with.

Maybe you want to continue forward, maybe you need to rethink your approach but you're taking action and learning from it. That's super important.

In a world full of how to video's flooding social media & video channels it's never been easier to get a test up and running and figure these things out for yourself.

Embrace testing and kiss analysis-paralysis goodbye forever!

Lets do this 👊

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