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WaaS - Writing as a service

10 July, 2020 - 1 min read

I enjoy writing What if I set up a landing page for 'Unlimited Content Marketing' for $X per month?

$500pm? - 10 clients and I'm writing full time @ $5000 MRR - not bad but not great.

$2000pm? - 10 clients and I'm writing full time @ $20000 MRR - that's better. After a quick google I can see a lot of people servicing the lower end of the market with $90 - $300 pm offerings. I would need to be very good and target people who value content that converts.

I enjoy writing. Scaling would be the issue. I'd need to start outsourcing writers and editors etc as the business grew.

Even at $2000pm per client my time would quickly be over subscribed.

I feel like this would be a step up from being an employee but I would ultimately end up 'owning my job' instead of owning a business that operates with or without me.

It's an interesting thought, on some levels it appeals to me. I've got the feeling I could start something else that would require less time commitment and have the same financial rewards.

The search continues.

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