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Welcome to my blog

01 July, 2020 - 1 min read

Who am I?

My name is Darren Inglis, I’m an Australian JavaScript developer by day and an aspiring IndieHacker by night.

Reason for writing

I’ve been writing privately for a long time, it helps me think and gives me clarity. Writing for myself has been one of the most beneficial (and consistent) actives I’ve ever done.

I’m naturally biased towards being an introvert, so sharing doesn’t come naturally. I’m hoping to change that with this blog by writing and thinking in public.

Writing about?

I’ll be sharing my progress as I sharpen my writing, coding and marketing skills as I become an Indiehacker. Making beautiful, profitable web products.

Whats the goal?

My ultimate goal is to grow my monthly revenue to $20k per month. That seems like a huge number right now but internet is a big place and I'm ready to hustle.

On a personal level, my goal is to document my progress with clarity and honesty. I would prefer these blog posts to be rough and honest so we can look back at these posts and see how far I've (hopefully) come.

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