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Woohoo my first blog post!

I'm really looking forward to sharing what I've learned and the many more things I'm yet to learn in future posts.


This is my personal website, I chose to build it with Gatsby and React as a place to start compiling a body of work. Up until now everything I’ve done has fallen away with time. This website is an attempt to record my work and writing so they don't fade away and I can look back on them.

Hopefully you find some small morsel of value amongst the ramblings. If you do, by some small miracle. Find something interesting I'd love for you to reach out on twitter.

What I Do

I’m a 'Modern Javascript Developer' I code across the full stack with JavaScript, but I tend to spend more of my time and energy on the frontend experience. More visually inclined, I've been told that I have an eye for design but its not something I hang my hat on.

I've had experience working on full stack php websites, iOS apps (Objective C and Swift), WordPress, Shopify, Python and flask over the years. Though I've come to settle on JavaScript. It feels like the future and I can use it pretty much anywhere I choose.

At the time of writing I'm freelancing and seeking a full time frontend developer position where I can enjoy the comradery of working within a team on interesting products.

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